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Why choose ImagePros?

ImagePros features a wide array of services and capabilities that rise above the typical document service bureau offering, bringing industry knowledge and technological expertise to fully address your document imaging needs.

With the added benefit of having large format machines on-site, we can bring our exceptional service to the construction industry as well. We offer blue prints from hard copy or digital scan in black and white or color. We work with all formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, etc. Architectural firms and construction companies can expect to experience the fastest and most professional service possible. We know time is money to you and we are here to save you both.

ImagePros can help you plan and coordinate your digital documentation project right from the start. We’ll help you assess your needs and set objectives, evaluate the array of potential solutions, and develop an optimal approach to ensure a successful result. Whether you simply convert existing paper files to CD-ROM, or utilize a combination of services to create a highly functional document management system, you’ll benefit immediately from a faster, easier way to access your vital information.

What’s New? ImagePros is the brainchild of Eddings Attorney Service and what this means to you is that you can now have all your legal services needs met with one phone call. For example; you have an appellate brief that needs to be copied and filed with the court, you make one call to either ImagePros or Eddings and we’ll take care of the rest. The pairing of these two companies can truly offer you “one-stop-shopping”.


Copying: Color, black and white; high volume, short runs and digital blow back, ImagePros can handle any size copy project.

Scanning: ImagePros captures a digital image of your document, typically storing the data on CD-ROMs. Scanning can be an end in itself, giving you a precise and concise digital record that’s easier to manage than paper files, or it can be the first step in creating a fully searchable document collection.

E-Discovery: E-discovery is the process of capturing electronic documents such as e-mails, spreadsheets, word processed documents and more. The electronic documents are then converted to image formats such as TIFF or PDF. Bates numbering and OCR can also be added.

If needed, a load file can be created. Load files are used to easily input information into a review or trial presentation tool. The most common load files are Summation and Concordance (also called a .dat or .opt file).

Audio/Video Duplication: VHS to DVD, VHS to MPG, DVD to MPG, microcassette to .WAV. ImagePros can convert your audio and/or video to whatever format you need.

On-site Services: If needed, ImagePros can capture your files on location using our state of the art portable equipment.

Large Format: Scanning and printing


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